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Pink Sugar

Hi my name is Linda, you can call me Loo.  I am a mother, grandmother and a passionate artist. I work with women and men just like you to bring a bit of colour into their lives with art.

Some ask "What is art to me" I have been painting for over 20 years and art allows me to switch off from my hectic and busy world off crisis. When I paint I enter the world of calmness!


It helps me to relax and allows my thoughts explode onto a blank canvas. Great for stress release. It’ art therapy.


I started Loos Creative Space this year on a bit of a whim. I have worked in the blue-collar world for all of my life and most of those years I worked shift work which meant I missed spending time with my family.  

So, join me at one of my classes and let your inner child go wild and create your very own masterpiece.

See you soon x



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